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Culcita novaeguinea


This object is actually a starfish!  It is called a cushion star.  It is roughly the size of a basketball with a slight pentagon shape to it.  The surface is generally rough.  There is a great variation in these guys and I cannot resist taking a shot when I see one, so you’ll see more of these in future pages. 


Spirobranchus giganteus




Here’s another Christmas Tree worm.  This guys is maybe 1.25” tall or so. 


Anemone: Heteractis magnifica

Fish: Amphiprion perideraion


This anemone was Oceanside of Gehh island.  I had the macro setup and looking for small subjects.  It was nearing the end of the dive and I started chasing these baby clown fish around with the camera.   To make a long story short, I have several close-ups of the anemone and this ONE with a fish in it!











Another shot taken on “the wall” of a soft coral.  This is a Gorgonian or octocoral.





Although not a shot of the Gorgonian immediately above, this is a close-up of a similar critter. You can count the eight tentacles on the polyps which give it its name.


Lima (possibly Lima fragilis)



This is a file shell.  This little guy is a bi-valve is just over an inch around.  You are looking at the opening of the two shell halves.  I found this guy under a rock off of Gehh Island and he scurried all around.  I got 5 shots of him, but it was quite a chase!  This guy can really move! 



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