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Probably Arothron mappa



I have been corrected; this is a puffer of some sort.  I think I need a new fish book or two for Christmas!







This was a small octopus that we found out in the Japanese pools in about 10 feet of water.  This octopus would fit in the palm of your hand.


Anemone: Heteractis magnifica

Fish: Amphiprion perideraion



This anemone was on twin peaks coral head.






Another shot taken on “the wall” of a gorgonian.


Acanthaster planci


This is what is commonly called a “crown-of-thorns” starfish.  They are known for eating/killing the coral.  Some divers will kill these animals when found, but that may be making the problem worse as their dying act is to spawn!  This is a “do not touch” animal. 





Close-up shot of another type of coral.



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