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Bothus mancus (?)




This Peacock Flounder was photographed at night in one of our Japanese Pools in less than 15 feet of water.  As you can see, they blend in pretty well with the sand, so you have to look carefully for them.


Chaetodon citrinellus (?)


Here’s a Speckled Butterfly Fish.  This was also taken at night in one of the Japanese Pools.  Scott Johnson immediately picked up on the fact that this was a night shot based on the coloring.  Now I need to find one during the day and see what the difference is!





Here’s a Sea Cucumber.  These slow moving critters are very common.  There are several varieties of them here.





Here’s another night shot.  One again, a “deer in the headlights”!    This must be a box fish of some sort.  My book doesn’t show this particular species.  Perhaps I need another book! 





This soft coral is very common.  I had the close-up attachment on this day and I really liked seeing the “grain” in the base of this critter.






This type of critter catches my eye.  I love things that are symmetric and/or have  patterns in them.  This is a zoanthid.  Apparently, zoanthids will have polyps with 12 or more tentacles.



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