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Okay, time to add some text here!I was getting a lot of grief over the picture that I had here before.So, Amy (my daughter) and I headed to the beach for something that will hopefully be a bit better.Personally, I think it is the subject that is the problem, so there probably isnít much hope!


The scene in the picture above is taken on Emon beach looking across the Kwajalein Lagaoon in the Marshall Islands.You can see a WWII vintage LCM still operating as it shuttles the Marshallese workers between Ebeye and Kwajalein.


This page is just starting out, so bear with me.Many things are simply placeholders.I will be working on them as time permits.I am just now (December 2003) getting back to updating the pages, so expect more updates in the near future.


The main purpose of this page was to put out some of my underwater photos that I have been taking here on Kwajalein. I have been pretty active in scuba diving and I have a section on critters and one on shipwrecks.I hope that you enjoy the photos.I have also been active in Amateur Radio (ham radio) and have operated at V73UX from Kwajalein as well as organized the V73E DXpedition to Enewetak island a couple years ago.I hope to put together a small area on some of my activities there.While I donít even had a placeholder yet, I will likely add a section on the Flying Tigers (a.k.a. the First American Volunteer Group Ė The A.V.G. for short).These guys have been my heroes since high school and I was lucky enough to be invited to an awards ceremony several years ago and I have some nice photos from that.I also have a fair collection of Flying Tiger books and a few other odds and ends.Even my Amateur Radio call sign in the States is in their honor; it is WW2AVG!†††††



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