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Shrimp: Periclimenes


Ivy Springer was nice enough to mention this nice anemone on the wreck of the Asakaze Maru (a.k.a. K-5 Upright).If you look close you can see a few semi-transparent shrimp.Iíll have to go back with the marco setup next time and try to get a better shot of the shrimp.


Phyllidia sp.



Another nudibranch.Again, Iíll have to get a ruling on the name for this critter.


Nurse Shark


This photo was taken on in the lagoon near Carlos Island.We believe it to be a nurse shark, but we can only see one dorsal.A nurse shark should have two.




Another shot from Troyís coral head.This guy was quite serious about getting whatever was hiding in the coral.He just kept biting off chunks of coral.I suspect he was after his lunch!I took about 5 shots of him and he seemed totally unaware that we were there.I suppose that he knew, but he didnít seem to care about us at all.


Eucidaris metularia



Hereís a close-up of a sea urchin using the macro setup.I though the pentagon shape was interesting.




This is called octocoral.This was done with the close-up attachment.†† The original photo was of a much larger section.I since scanned in a section of the same species taken with the macro attachment and you can see the difference in one of the pages that follow.



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