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Conus floccatus


Here’s a cone shell that was found on the Oceanside of Legan Island.  It turns out this is fairly rare, but I left it behind.  I forget now if it was empty or not.  Generally cone shells can be dangerous, so unless I have something that I can safely carry them in I just leave them behind.



Subergorgia mollis


Here’s a shot of some fan coral down on “the wall”.  The camera is pretty much level and you can see the angle that the bottom drops off at. 






Some plating coral..



Gymnothorax meleagris


The common name for this guy is Whitemouth Moray.  There are a few critters that I am not particularly fond of and these guys rate right up there with snakes in my book!  However, much like sharks, I find that getting these guys to come out and pose for a picture is pretty hard.  They scoot into the coral pretty quickly if threatened, so the don’t appear to be as aggressive as you tend to want to think.



Here’s a close-up shot of a nudibranch.  I won’t dare try to tell you what it is called.  I know I wrote it down somewhere, but our local expert on nudibranchs will have to remind me what this guy’s name is again.  I’ll add the name later; although coming from Scott it will be in Latin I’m afraid!


Nudibranchs are commonly called “sea slugs”.  This guy is on the order of 1.5” long at best.


Calotomus (probably spinidens)


This is a Star Eyed Parrotfish.  We found this guy in one of the “Japanese Pools” at night.  The water in these pools is maybe 15’ at best.  On night dives I seem to have a bit more luck with the fish shots.  Kind of like getting a “deer in the headlights” as I am sure my Uncle Richard can tell you all about!



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