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As you can probably surmise I must do a little diving.Since I live on the island of Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands, this is a wonderful chance to take advantage of a very unique diving opportunity.Kwajalein Atoll is located a little more than 8 degrees north of the equator which equates to nice warm water.Water temperature is generally in the low 80s pretty much year round.There is some wonderful reef diving and also a fair number of shipwrecks just minutes from the harbor.


I have been living on Kwajalein since 10/1997 have had some wonderful diving experiences.The range of diving varies from walk-ins where you can simple walk-in from shore and do a nice reef dive or there are even a few shipwrecks that are easily reached from shore.Rental boats are available here to Kwajalein residents from which you can travel approximately 1/3 of the way up the lagoon.In that area there are plenty of things to see.We have numerous coral heads, reef, and an amazing wall on the ocean side of the lagoon that drops off to infinity that is simply awesome.


Recently (maybe a year now) I have begun taking pictures.It started as a project to document the wrecks.So, as you will see form the links below, I have dove every wreck that I am aware of in the southern end of the Kwajalein Atoll.On the pages that follow I will list each wreck and provide some photos, lat/lon information, things to look for and anchoring suggestions.Since most of the wrecks are deep, we generally do one wreck dive followed by a reef dive, so I have collected a few critter photos as well.You will find those in a separate area.Please follow the appropriate link below.






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