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You have most likely seen some of the charts that I have posted on this site.  I use a tool called SeaClear II to bring up the charts and plot various locations.  It gives you a great visual picture of the locations of the coral heads and wrecks.  I also find it pretty easy to use.  Best of all it is FREE!   What I’ll do here is tell you how to get SeaClear setup for Kwajalein.  After you download SeaClear and install it, you can simply download the charts and waypoints for Kwajalein  from this page and you’ll be off to a great start!


Note: You will probably need WinZip or similar utility to extract the files in these “zip” files.


To start, you must go to the SeaClear site and download SeaClear II.  You can find that here.  When I installed this on my system it went to: c:\Program Files\SeaClear.    Your installation might be different.  In any case, I’ll refer to this folder as the SeaClear folder below.


Once you have SeaClear installed, you can download the charts for Kwajalein here (2.6 M).  You want to extract the charts and place them in the “charts” directory that you will find in your “SeaClear” directory/folder.


In the SeaClear directory you find a program called MapCal_2.exe.  You want to run that.   You want to go to “tools->Autoload List->Update”.  This will add the new charts to the list that you get in SeaClear.  Exit MapCal_2.


Next, you can download the waypoints that I have for various dive site (generally the coral heads) and wrecks here at Kwajalein.  You can download them here (3 K – Updated: 10/31/2004).   Extract these into the “Waypts” folder that can be found in the SeaClear folder. 


You’re now ready to go!  SeaClear has pretty good documentation, but it is also pretty easy to use.  Just a couple quick notes to get you going and I’ll leave it up to you to learn all of the SeaClear features on your own.  First, to select different charts you can look under “File->Chart->List All”.  You’ll need to load the waypoints the first time, but unless you clear them they will automatically be loaded each time you start Seaclear.  Simply open the desired waypoint files by using “File->Positions->Open”.


The maps that I provided are B&W, so the default waypoint (position) color will not show up well on the charts.  I’d recommend that you go to “Tools->Properties->Other” and set the colors for “positions”. 


That should pretty much get you started.  SeaClear is really a great tool.  Once you use it a bit you’ll really begin to appreciate just how powerful it is! 






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