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It seems that on this roll I started doing something right and had a lot better luck with the anemone shots.This guy was just nestled up in his anemone and allowed me to take several shots of him.This shot was taken in shallow water off of Shell Island.





Hereís another shot from the same roll as above from Shell Island.The interesting thing here is that we have two different species of clown fish in the same anemone.While I am not the expert on anemones and their clown fish, each type anemone seems to have a certain type of clown fish associated with it.To have a mix is certainly a bit unusual.





Hereís a shot from Shell Island, but from another day.While these manta rays are seen in other places around the lagoon, it seems like the odds of seeing one are increased if you swim at the top of the drop-off at Shell Island.





Hereís a shark shot that didnít come out too bad even though he is going away from the camera.





Hereís an anemone shot that I was pretty happy with.†† The nice rose/red (help me out here, Iím bad with colors!) is deceiving.Since reds are the first colors filtered out by the water, you wonít see that.The underside will appear more blue/purple as you are looking at it.





At the risk of putting too many anemones on one page (is that possible?), hereís another shot that I liked.These guys were like twins.I had several shots of these guys on this roll and they stayed right in formation for each shot!These guys were a lot of fun!



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