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I’m not really sure what this guy is just yet, but since getting this photo back I am noticing more of these guys.





Another day on Troy’s coral head!  Here’s what we really go there for!  I was lucky enough to get a couple guys fairly close.  As you can see, we are not all that far from the top of the coral head which helps explain the fairly good lighting.  Depth here is maybe 40-50 feet.  The shark on the top/right is a white tip.  I believe that the one in the lower-left is a grey reef.


Culcita novaeguinea



Here’s another Cushion Star.  The variety in these critters is amazing.  This was on Troy’s Coral Head as well.  I had 400 ASA film that day for the sharks.  I generally would prefer a slower film for these guys, but I was really there for the sharks.  In any case, I was happy with the results.





This was taken with the macro setup.  These little guys are called tunicates and are between ¼” and 3/8” tall.  I probably didn’t think much about these creatures until I started trying some macro work.  Then I started noticing the small things on my dives.  Now I see these guys everywhere!





I caught this guy right in front of a little tunnel.   This shot was taken in fairly shallow water (< 40’) on the west reef.


Balistoides Conspicillum (my guess)


Hopefully I have the right scientific name, but the common name there is a Clown Trigerfish.  I see these quite often.  The trigger fishes tend to be a bit on the aggressive side, so I always keep an eye on them when they are nearby.



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