Ebeye Grounded LCM

Local Name:

Ebeye Grounded LCM


Depth is real shallow. Perhaps about 10 feet.


This is up in the shallow next to the pier. Just anchor anywhere nearby. I'm not sure why one would want to, but I guess you certainly could!


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
8 46 41.640 167 44 11.340
8 46.69400 --------- 167 44.18900 ---------
8.77823 --------- --------- 167.73648 --------- ---------


This appears to be an LCM that was allowed to sink in the shallow just south of the Ebeye Pier. I don't think there is anything too exciting to see here. I never dove it as a good portion is above the surface and it is unlikely to be a very interesting wreck to dive. If anyone knows more about the history of this wreck, please drop me a note!


Here's a shot of the stern. We are facing roughly east.
Another shot of the stern.
Here's a shot from a little further away to show the wreck in relation to some other landmarks. The Ebeye Pier is just to the left of the photo. Photo is taken from the south side of the pier facing east.

Nearby Attractions:

From: Ebeye Grounded LCM
AttractionDistance (feet)Bearing (deg mag)
Ebeye Small Barge 541 212
Ebeye Pier LCU 598 308

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