Hamel/Bishop Inverted

Local Name:

Hamel/Bishop Inverted


Depth is 50-60 feet.


We anchored on GBR Coral Head and swam out to find this wreck, but it appears that starting from the Bishop Upright wreck is the closest anchor point with the MAR Fill Coral Head coming in as a close second.


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
8 43 45.960 167 43 19.440
8 43.76600 --------- 167 43.32400 ---------
8.72943 --------- --------- 167.72206 --------- ---------


This wreck was first discovered (as far as I am concerned) on 1/29/2006 by Bob Hamel and Jim Bishop. Our group of 4 had split into two groups of two and the team of Bob Burt and Dave Fortin came upon this wreck just minutes later and saw that they had already sent a marker float to the surface!


No Photos available at this time. Please check back later.

Nearby Attractions:

From: Hamel/Bishop Inverted
AttractionDistance (feet)Bearing (deg mag)
MAR Fill Coral Head 442 128
Fischer Rubble Wreck #1 712 63
Bishop Upright 310 20
Phu Maru 538 269
GBR Rubble Wreck #2 372 316
Bishop Inverted 276 14

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