Sand Island Wreck

Local Name:

Sand Island Wreck


The depth here is 85-95 feet.


I have only dove this wreck once so far, so I don't have a lot of experience, but here's my thoughts: This wreck is not far from the island, so one can easily anchor in the shallow water and swim out to the wreck. There is a small coral head behind sand island and this wreck is on the backside of that coral head. We actually anchored in a sandy channel behind sand island slightly to the west and pretty much just followed the channel over until we hit the coral head. There are quite a few giant clams along the channel, so this is a great little dive!


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
9 19 29.160 167 24 59.340
9 19.48600 --------- 167 24.98900 ---------
9.32476 --------- --------- 167.41648 --------- ---------


I hesitated putting a real name on this wreck. Mark Miller suspects that this is likely the "Fuji Maru #11", but for now I'll list it as an unknown. Maybe someone will be able to prove the identity of this ship in the future!

This is a pure rubble wreck! There's a prop, engine and some other debris, but not too much left. I noticed a anchor up near what was left of the bow. There's also another fairly large anchor on the coral head that is nearby.

This ship is the only Roi-Namur wreck (so far) that I marked for myself. I had not been given the coordinates for the wreck and we happend to dive there. The other coordinates that I have been given for wrecks at Roi seem very accurate (so far) so I have not had any need to question them.


Photo by Hal Parker

Photo by Hal Parker

Photo by Hal Parker

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