Thirteen SBDs

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Thirteen SBDs




As you'll find to be true for most of the Roi-Namur wrecks, I do not have enough experience diving the Roi-Namur wrecks to provide any hints here. I hope to consult with the local divers and provide better information shortly.


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
9 20 54.180 167 26 17.340
9 20.90300 --------- 167 26.28900 ---------
9.34838 --------- --------- 167.43815 --------- ---------


I believe the information provided here to be reasonably accurate, but I have been unable to personally confirm this data as yet. I hope to have more information on the Roi-Namur wrecks soon. If any Roi-Namur divers would like to provide any comments or subit any photos, your help would be greatly appreciated!


The cockpit of one of the many SBDs found in this general area.
An inverted SBD. Note the tailhook.
We found a couple of these guys on the planes. Right now I'm not exactly sure how the orientation should be. I almost think this plane might have been on its' nose and I should probably rotate this 90 degrees counter clockwise, but it works either way!
Here's Linda Fluke (left) and Blain Slatton (right) going from one SBD (foreground) to another (background). These planes are just laying around everywhere and you just hip-hop between them!
When we anchored at this site we were just south of the little coral knoll that these two planes are resting on. The series of planes seemed to more-or-less start right around this coral knoll on the west and heads out eastward.
Here's Blain Slatton (left), Linda Fluke (center) and Hal Parker (right - inverted) checking out one of the many plaes here!
Another example of what this area looks like with planes just laying around everywhere!
Blain, Linda and Hal again.
More planes...
The visibility was great the day we were there. I was heading up for my safety stop and Linda Fluke was between me and the planes that are resting on the bottom of the little coral knoll.
One of the nosed in planes with a few others laying around nearby.
Another nosed in plane.

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From: Thirteen SBDs
AttractionDistance (feet)Bearing (deg mag)
C46 677 66

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