Fischer Rubble Wreck #1

Local Name:

Fischer Rubble Wreck #1


Depth is approximately 60 feet.


Being a recent discovery, I hesitate to suggest a best method of diving this wreck. It was discovered by anchoring on G-Buoy coral head and swimming for 11 minutes on a course of 260 degrees. This is a fair swim and it could be easily missed. From the charts, it almost appears that the MAR-Fill coral head might be closer.


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
8 43 48.180 167 43 26.160
8 43.80300 --------- 167 43.43600 ---------
8.73005 --------- --------- 167.72393 --------- ---------


This wreck was found on 5/22/2005 by Hal Parker, Kyle Fischer, Linda Fluke, Bob Hamel and myself. Hal spotted it, but it must have been Kyle bringing us luck that helped us find it as we have not been very lucky wreck hunting lately, so we'll give Kyle credit for this find!

This wreck is a definite rubble wreck. There is just a heap of stuff there, but a propeller and shaft was clearly visible.

Hal and Kyle were on the left side of our line of divers as we swam out on a course of 260 from G-Buoy coral head. I was in the middle. As Hal was banging on his tank signalling that he had found a wreck, I was over a small debris field. I believe I was seeing a couple fire extinguishers and other small pieces of debris. This debris would be found just to the north of the wreck. The wreck is at the base of a fair sized mound of coral on the NE side of the mound.

Mark Miller suggested that this boat might be a Higgins boat, and I believe that he is right. A Higgins boat is also known as a LCVP. These boats were basically very similar to the LCMs that we are quite familar with here except that they were wooden. That would explain the lack of any hull. These boats had two gun turrets and we do have two circular objects that appear to fit the description of the gun turrets. It appears that the engine is missing. I am wondering if the engine might have been removed before sinking.


One of the control levers on the wreck. These look very similar to the ones found on the LCMs.
Here's an old "steel pot" soldier's helmet. It is partially corroded away. We dove this wreck in early December 2005 and the helmet was still there.
And a shot of the prop with some sponge growth.
Not the best shot, but it's a shot of the from ramp. The Higgin's boats were of wooden construction, but the from ramp was metal. You might be able to make out a few bottles stacked on the ramp. We found these in the area and piled them up on the wreck. Again, they were still there in December 2005. I suspect this wreck isn't visited too often!
The Higgin's boats had two machine gun turrets. This appears to be what is left of them.
The other turret.

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From: Fischer Rubble Wreck #1
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GBR Rubble Wreck #1 518 139
Hamel/Bishop Inverted 712 243
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