Little Bustard Duo

Local Name:

Little Bustard Duo


Depth is 120-130 feet.


We anchoroed up on the reef near little bustard directly in from the Little Bustard LCM. We were out just a little ways from a pile of chain with very large (like two foot) links. We swam to the Little Bustard LCM and then headed out to find this wreck. As John Broadwater stated, they are very close, so one can easily dive all three in one dive. Depth will make the bottom time rather short though!


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
8 45 16.140 167 43 59.280
8 45.26900 --------- 167 43.98800 ---------
8.75448 --------- --------- 167.73313 --------- ---------


Well, I had no sooner created my "Rumored Wrecks" page, then we found this and now I can remove it from that list! These wrecks are just as John Broadwater stated. They are not far from the Little Bustard LCM. I am not sure what this pair might be. There are two of whatever they are! Their bows touching. They are VERY short and (maybe 30 feet or less) have flat bows. They lie on their side, almost inverted. A rudder and prop is clearly visable on each one. There appears to be some railing as well. I think a few more dives are in order to try to figure out what these things might be! I did take some photos, so maybe in another month I'll have something to post here and we'll see if anyone can recognize these things!

These wrecks were found by Broadwater and Cowhig in 1970 and recently "rediscovered" by the team of Jim Bishop, Bob Burt and Dave Fortin on 1/9/2005. Special thanks to Jim Bishop and Bob Burt for bearing with me on my wreck hunts!


Here's an overview of this pair of unique boats! The bow is to the left (blunt) and the stern to the right (rounded). The picture is taken facing roughly north. Little Bustard is off to the right.
Just a slightly different view. This time we are facing towards Little Bustard. You can see a little more of the rails here.
You can see the prop and rudder in the top of this boat. The railing is also visible.
A closer view of the railing. I imagine this must have been surrounding a small bridge area.
Close-up view of the stern showing the rudder and prop.

Nearby Attractions:

From: Little Bustard Duo
AttractionDistance (feet)Bearing (deg mag)
Little Bustard LCM 250 71
Little Bustard LCC 437 287

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