Concrete Wreck

Local Name:

Concrete Wreck


The bottom here is right at 100 feet.


This wreck is very close to Emon. Boats should not be in this close. We dive this one from shore. I head in from the scuba shack at Emon beach and snorkel straight out to the first dropoff which starts at about 15 feet. Follow this north until you find some wreckage of an old buoy (or something similar). I head out on a course of 270 and usually have no trouble finding it. If the bottom levels out at 100 feet and you haven't seen it, don't go much further! It should be right at the bottom of the slope. If you miss it I believe that you'll find it sandy to the north of the wreck and if you are out in a lot of rubbly coral, you are probably just south of the wreck.


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
8 44 31.800 167 43 57.000
8 44.53000 --------- 167 43.95000 ---------
8.74216 --------- --------- 167.73250 --------- ---------


This appears to be a ship that was hauling sacks of cement as they have now hardened and appear in a fair sized pile on the bottom. The pile of concrete sacks is the most obvious feature on this wreck. There is an anchor on the north side of this pile and and engine with prop on the south side. There's not too much else here to see!

NOTE: This is one of the few recks where I have not verified the coordinates. They appear reasonable, but I am not sure exactly how good they are. I hope to mark this one myself soon to feel a little better about it, but since it is dove from shore, the exact location is of little value to the diver.


I believe this to be the anchor. This sticks out of the sand just slightly north of the pile of concrete bags.
Close in shot of the bags cf concrete and some grape coral.
Here a shot facing south of the flywheel, cylinders and and some sort of tank (fuel?).
Here's a side view of the two cylinders. I show this so to compare agains the engine on the South Loi wreck. It appears to be very similar.
For some reason I really like this shot! The first time I dove this wreck with the camera I was wondering what was worth taking a picture of. There isn't much here, so I took a shot of the prop. For those of you that don't dive, this is not how it appears while you are looking at it in daylight! It is pretty boring! It was quite a surprise to get this photo back! Now I go after the prop every time with the camera hoping to improve upon it!
Here's a litte more realistic shot of what to expect to see. Schools of goatfish seem fairly common here. The mound behind them is the main part of the wreck.

Nearby Attractions:

From: Concrete Wreck
AttractionDistance (feet)Bearing (deg mag)
Toilet Bowl 603 171
Emon Coral Head 716 118
Emon Buoy Thing 628 90

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