Bishop Upright

Local Name:

Bishop Upright


About 50 feet.


As of 1/20/2006 there is a buoy on this wreck. Use the tag line that should be attached to the surface float as your first tie point. I'd recommend dropping an anchor very close to the sub-surface buoy and letting out a little slack. After rolling in, secure the anchor in the wreck as a backup. Just be sure to free the anchor before ascending!


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
8 43 48.660 167 43 20.880
8 43.81100 --------- 167 43.34800 ---------
8.73018 --------- --------- 167.72246 --------- ---------


This wreck was discovered by Jim Bishop. Jim got very lucky that day and also discovered Bishop Inverted which is just a few feet away and easily seen from this wreck.


Here's a shot of the bow. You can just barely see Blair Barnett posing in the middle of the front ramp.
Here's a little closer shot of Blair. Now we can see the Coke bottles that he picked up on the way here. This area is famous for bottles. Blair looked up the book value on these bottles and tells me that we are going to be Millionaires! We just need 2 million bottles!
I thought this was interesting. After all these years the glass on the guages is still intact.
Here's Blair standing on what I guess is part of the wheelhouse that has landed in the hold.

Nearby Attractions:

From: Bishop Upright
AttractionDistance (feet)Bearing (deg mag)
MAR Fill Coral Head 614 157
Fischer Rubble Wreck #1 533 87
Phu Maru 710 245
GBR Rubble Wreck #2 365 266
Curry/Zurick LCM 728 311
Hamel/Bishop Inverted 310 200
Bishop Inverted 44 237

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