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This wreck is merely listed to provide a complete listing of known wrecks. The depth to the wreck (according to a fishfinder) is over 140 feet and the bottom is close to 180 feet.


Again, this is not a wreck for sport diving (at least for Kwajalein residents due to Army rules). The depth is approximately 180 feet and the bottom in this general area is sandy, so anchoring is problematic for the average diver on Kwajalein with a rental boat.


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
8 46 37.800 167 42 49.800
8 46.63000 --------- 167 42.83000 ---------
8.77716 --------- --------- 167.71383 --------- ---------


This is one that should be passed up. I forget the source of the waypoint, but it appears good as I have gone right to it with a fishfinder. I have an underwater video camera that I can lower from a boat to search for wrecks that I hope to use to get some images of this wreck.


Here's the view from 130 feet! It's too bad that this wreck is too deep to dive as it appears like it could be a very nice wreck to dive.
A similar shot to the previous one but form sklightly higher up. You can see a little more of the bow and the pontoons on the wings.

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