Phantom Maru

Local Name:

Phantom Maru


It is 130 feet to the deck. Bottom must be 145 or so.


This wreck has a sub-surface buoy on it. I'd be sure to have a second means of anchoring on this one.


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
8 49 47.280 167 43 7.380
8 49.78800 --------- 167 43.12300 ---------
8.82980 --------- --------- 167.71871 --------- ---------


This is another small ship that is similar to our Ski Area Wreck. There is major damage in the bow that would indicate a major eplosion that must have been the casue of its sinking. There is some nice black coral on this wreck. Please leave it for others to enjoy!

On 9/9/2005 we replaced the sub-surface buoy. The old one was heavily encrusted with coral. Somehow the waypoint that I had for this was a bit off, so we updated the position today as well.


This is a shot of the bow. The photograph is taken from the port side looking towards the starboard side. The bow is just off to the left. You can see what appears to be a small gun mount in the middle of a large void. Earlier wreck books reported a machine gun here. It appears to have fallen or been taken. You can see the large gaping hole in the starboard side of the ship.
Pretty much the reverse angle to the other photo. This time taken from the starboard side looking towards the port side. Again, a Large gaping hole in the hull
This shot captures most of what the previous two do all in one shot. You can see the gun mount, holes in the hull and also what appears to be an ammunition box up in the bow. What is not cleary seen in the photo is that the starboard bow appears severely damaged. The larger view of the image may be a little better.
Typical diver's view of the bridge. At this depth (around 110-120 feet) much of the color is lost and things turn blue/green. You can see the coral, sponge and algae growth on the wreck. Please leave this wreck as you found it!
With a little artificial light from a strobe, we can appreciate the beautiful colors in the sponges growing on the wreck!
Here's a shot taken from the bridge area towards the bow. Note the rectangular holds as opposed to the Ski Area Wreck and Huff Maru that had rectangular holds down the center on round hatches on either side.
This shot is from roughly the cabin area facing towards the stern. You can see the engine room hatches in the bottom of the photo.
There were a couple of these rays playing around this day. I have heard several people comment on seeing them there, so keep an eye out for them Apparently they are frequent visitors!
This nurse shark was just sitting on the deck one day. Note the single dorsal which is unusual for this type of shark. What's up with that?
A view of the stern deck. Not too much to say about it other than very similar to the other wrecks of its' class like the Shell Island Wreck, Huff Maru, the Ski Area Wreck, etc.

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