Ikuta Maru

Local Name:



The ship is maybe around 100 feet. The bottom must be 150 feet or more.

Length and Orientation info:

The approximate length and approximate orientation of the ship are deteremined based on the lat and lon of the bow and stern. Typically, the lat/lon information was obtained by attaching a line with a float to the wreck and marking the position of the float with a handheld GPS receiver. We try to get the line as near vertical as possible, but there is bound to be some error. Also, the GPS position will have a certain error in it as well. So, this information will be reasonable, but not 100 percent accurate.

Stern Position:
Latitude : 8 deg 44.868 min 0 sec
Longitude: 167 deg 43.296 min 0 sec

Bow Position:
Latitude : 8 deg 44.879 min 0 sec
Longitude: 167 deg 43.340 min 0 sec

Approximate length: feet

Approximate orientation: deg mag


The scuba club has a sub-surface and a surfce buoy on this wreck. As usual, there should be a tag line on the surface buoy that you can tie off to. Bring a second anchor down as a second tie point.


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
8 44 52.440 167 43 18.480
8 44.87400 --------- 167 43.30800 ---------
8.74790 --------- --------- 167.72180 --------- ---------


This is a large freighter facing roughly northeast on its' port side. It is noted for its' large deck guns that were added. The main attraction appears to be the large guns and the bow gun.

Note on length estimate: The stern of this ship is completely blown off, so the length estimate is somewhat off. The length reported here is from the bow to the rear most piece I could find! The orientation calculation should be fine however.


No Photos available at this time. Please check back later.

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