South Loi Wreck

Local Name:

South Loi Wreck


Depth is about 40 feet.


No real trick here. Just anchor nearby in the shallow water. This wreck is right along the drop and not too hard to find.


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
8 47 59.460 167 43 51.240
8 47.99100 --------- 167 43.85400 ---------
8.79985 --------- --------- 167.73090 --------- ---------


This is a rubble wreck and in poor condition. The engine appears to be a two cylinder engine similar to the Cement Wreck off of Emon Beach. What's little there is left of the hull has some copper sheathing over it. The rudder is located slightly down the slope from the main wreckage, but mostly intact.`


No Photos available at this time. Please check back later.

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