North Loi Wreck

Local Name:

North Loi Wreck


Depth is about 60 feet to the wreck and close to 80 feet to the sand.


Anchor in the shallows close to the island. Use GPS to get a bearing out to the wreck and follow that. You should be not far from (and maybe slightly north of the concrete pier) there at Loi. These is an old anchor right along the drop. I believe that if you locate that and swim directly out you will come across the ship. It is not far from the drop, so you shouldn't wander out too far looking for it.


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
8 48 30.120 167 43 51.300
8 48.50200 --------- 167 43.85500 ---------
8.80836 --------- --------- 167.73091 --------- ---------


This is yet another small ship much like our "Ski Area Wreck". There is a nice magnificant anemone on the roof near the rear of the cabin area. Also you will find what appear to be the bathrooms. One is forward of the cabin on the port side. It is noted by a square area of white tiles. The other is towards the stern along the port side, but this one is enclosed in a small metal room.


This Magnificant Anemone is a popular attraction here. It is located on the roof of the cabins towrds the stern.
Here's Blair Barnett exploring the ship.
Here's Blair posing with the prop and rudder!
Blair is swimming along the deck.
This gaping hole is on the port side. It seems logical that it may have been the cause of the sinking, but since the ship happens to be resting next to a mound of coral at this point, I half suspect that maybe this could have been done after sinking.
This appears to the the potty. This one is on the fore deck on the port side. There is another on the port side toward the stern, but that one is enclosed in a small metal shelter. A similar configuration is seen on Phantom Maru.

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From: North Loi Wreck
AttractionDistance (feet)Bearing (deg mag)
LCU-22 680 245

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