Emon LCM

Local Name:

Emon LCM


Depth is approximately 70 feet to the top and 90 feet to the sand.


This is not a boat dive. This is only done from shore. From the float right outside the roped swimming area at Emon, swim out on a heading of 240. My time was about 9 minutes to the wreck. The "Toilet Bowl" is at about the half way point, so you can double check that you are on course 4 or 5 minutes into the swim.


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
8 44 24.600 167 43 55.200
8 44.41000 --------- 167 43.92000 ---------
8.74016 --------- --------- 167.73200 --------- ---------


This appears to be an LCM-6. It is facing east and laying on its port side. There isn't too much of any interest here.


Heading out to the wreck, this is your first view of the wreck.
Linda Fluke swims past the wreck. We are looking at the north side of the wreck and roughly facing Emon beach.
I believe that this is Doug Curry swimming over the wreck. Doug deserves the credit for bringing this wreck to my attention! Thanks Doug!

Nearby Attractions:

From: Emon LCM
AttractionDistance (feet)Bearing (deg mag)
Toilet Bowl 230 48
N-East 535 207

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