Parker/Wallace Maru

Local Name:

Parker/Wallace Maru


Depth is approximately 50 to 60 feet.


Once again, we anchor at a nearby coral head and then simply use GPS to give us a bearing and swim over. We typically do the Parker/Wallace trio of ships as they are all fairly close and shallow enough to easily do in one dive for most people.


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
8 43 52.560 167 43 8.340
8 43.87600 --------- 167 43.13900 ---------
8.73126 --------- --------- 167.71898 --------- ---------


This wreck was found by Hal Parker and Scott Wallace. It is a little ship similar to our "Ski Area Wreck", but perhaps a tad smaller. it is facing roughly northeast and laying on its' port side.


A shot of the bow makes it easy to see that the ship is resting on its' port side. I have seen several nurse sharks under here, so be careful if you take a peek under here!
Here's a shot that show some of the stern with the prop and rudder visible.
Peering over the starboard side, we see some of the cabin area and the stack. I believe that the room on the left is the galley.
While not the best shot, I thought I'd include this as it caught my eye. What the picture shows is a series of valuve (at least 6) all in a row. I don't recall seeing this on other ships. I wonder what the purpose of these valves might have been. Anyone have any ideas?

Nearby Attractions:

From: Parker/Wallace Maru
AttractionDistance (feet)Bearing (deg mag)
GBR North Coral Head 749 330
GBR Coral Head 532 108
Britain Upright 647 153
Parker/Wallace LCM 271 162
Parker/Wallace Barge 213 165

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