Eller Island Wreck #1

Local Name:

Eller Island Wreck #1


This wreck goes from the surface to 40-60 feet (I forget exactly now).


This wreck is out of the B-boat (rental boat) area, so at the present time it is only accessible by private boat. You simply anchor near the wreck. However, I believe that the bottom drop off sharply into the lagoon so anchoring can be difficult. We went on a very calm day. If the wind is moderate and out of the east it may push your boat up on the reef, so be very careful. This wreck comes right to the surface, so you don't want to be right on top of it.


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
9 1 14.460 167 34 3.180
9 1.24100 --------- 167 34.05300 ---------
9.02068 --------- --------- 167.56755 --------- ---------


I had read about these wrecks for years and had hoped to someday get to dive them. Thanks to Scott Johnson for making that possible! I was lucky enough to be invited along one day and got to finally dive the wrecks of Eller Island! So, now I get to say that I dove on them, but they are not the most exciting wrecks.

This first wreck is in the best shape of the three. A fair portion of the main hull is still together, but most of the bow is broken up and scattered around the area.


This box of ammo was sitting near the stern of the ship in about 50 feet of water.
The anchor can be found up in shallow water.
Here's a chunk of the ship. Reminds me of the skeletal remains if some giant creature!
This pretty much sums up what most of the wreck looks like!
Here's a view of the southern side (port side) of the hull - or what's left of it. This is the biggest piece of the wreckage.
Here's the prop and rudder that are pretty much intact.
Scott tells me that this debris is part of the ship. I didn't go up and take a look, I'll take Scott's word on it.
This shot didn't come out too bad and since there isn't too much to show on these ships I may as well add it!
Another big winch.
This is such a pretty island that I just had to get a shot of it!

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