Mann Island Wreck

Local Name:

Mann Island Wreck


About 20 feet.


Nothing terribly special about anchoring on this wreck. This wreck is one of two wrecks that I am aware of that are on the Oceanside of the atoll. Just anchor up in the shallow area nearby as you would any other reef dive.


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
8 54 57.300 167 34 9.900
8 54.95500 --------- 167 34.16500 ---------
8.91591 --------- --------- 167.56941 --------- ---------


There isn't much to this wreck. It's certainly not worth a trip all the way to Mann just to see this wreck. However, if you are up there and want to check another box of wrecks that you have dove, you might as well drop by and see this. You should be able to anchor almost right on top of the wreck. There is a sandy patch just in front (towards the drop) from the wreck.

We did find 2 rounds of small arms ammo, but overall this is not too exciting.

However, with that said, I am very grateful for Scott for taking me up there to see this wreck so that I could document as many of the wrecks as possible. Thanks again Scott!


Here's most of the wreck! This tangle of debris is most of what there is to find here!
Here's just a tiny piece of wooden hull that remains.
This appears to be some sort of bearing/bushing.
The prop is one of the other main features!
And some sort of tank lies amongst the debris!

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