South Pass CHA

Local Name:

South Pass CHA


The bow is around 70 feet and the stern is around 90 feet.


This wreck is best done on a calm day or perhaps with a light wind from the west. I'd suggest going to the wreck and then anchoring nearby up on the reef. On our last trip we anchored about 200 feet to the south in 15 to 20' feet of water. The bottom there is sandy with some smaller rocks, so be careful anchoring.


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
8 46 18.780 167 39 39.840
8 46.31300 --------- 167 39.66400 ---------
8.77188 --------- --------- 167.66106 --------- ---------


Mark Miller's book, In the Arms Of the Sea, talks about human remains and ammo can be found. I have not seen any remains (I assume they were recovered) and only an occasional piece of ammution in that general area. There are quite a few batteries just forward of the engine. Also several electrical panels can be found in the area. Towards the stern there are many glass rods in te sand. These rods are perhaps 1/8 in diameter and as long as 18" or so (when intact) with a stopper on the ends. Some appear to have a dark substance inside. I wonder what these would have been.


Someone was nice enough to set this artifct on part of the wreckage. It appears to be the guts of an old vacuum tube.
I have seen octopus here several times. I got pretty lucky and got a fairly decent shot of this guy before I lost him!
This is a shot taken from the south facing towards the north or noth-west along the slope. The bow of the ship is to the viewer's left. You can see how this ship came to rest right at the bottom of the slope at about 90 feet.
This ray came though on our last trip out there. I didn't have too much time to setup for the shot, so I was happy that it came out fairly well.
Bob Hamel is poking around in the rubble in the background. The ray passed right behind him and he never knew it! I have seen rays like this one here several times. They seem common in this area.

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