Scott's Barge

Local Name:

Scott's Barge


Depth is about 35 feet to the top and 50-55 feet at the lowest point.

Length and Orientation info:

The approximate length and approximate orientation of the ship are deteremined based on the lat and lon of the bow and stern. Typically, the lat/lon information was obtained by attaching a line with a float to the wreck and marking the position of the float with a handheld GPS receiver. We try to get the line as near vertical as possible, but there is bound to be some error. Also, the GPS position will have a certain error in it as well. So, this information will be reasonable, but not 100 percent accurate.

Stern Position:
Latitude : 8 deg 44.663 min 0 sec
Longitude: 167 deg 41.7 min 0 sec

Bow Position:
Latitude : 8 deg 44.66 min 0 sec
Longitude: 167 deg 41.704 min 0 sec

Approximate length: feet

Approximate orientation: deg mag


Do this one on a calm day! Go to the waypoint for the wreck and simply head up towards the reef and find a shallow place to anchor. There are plently of rocks, so you should snag something fairly easily.


Latitude Longitude
Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds
8 44 39.60 167 41 42.240
8 44.66000 --------- 167 41.70400 ---------
8.74433 --------- --------- 167.69506 --------- ---------


Here's another small wreck that I have to thank Scott Johnson for pointing out! While it isn't the most exciting wreck, it just goes to show that you can find wrecks all over this lagoon if you poke around enough!

This is a small little barge and it isn't very exciting, but as we followed the slope toward Kwaj we found a great little clump of rocks/coral at about 40 feet with four anemones and a moral eel! That made the whole dive! There's also plenty of rocks up in the shallow to flip looking for cowries. On the same dive we found a nice stonefish there!

Another thing to note is that as you pass over this wreck and head up to where it is shallow enough to anchor, there is a man-made object up there. It must be 20 feet long and mainly flat like the "open" sort of shipping containers that you sometimes see at the pier. There are "ends" that have bracing to support them. I'm probably not describing that well, but you'll know it when you see it!


No Photos available at this time. Please check back later.

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