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Pacific Wreck Database

Notes:  This is a great site covering shipwrecks in the Pacific. 




Oceanic Research Group (ORG)

Notes:  ORG has a very nice DVD titled “The Silent Wrecks of Kwajalein Atoll” on the Kwajalein ship/plane wrecks.  A local resident, Tom Krasuski, is part of this group and he had a team out here a few years back to film the wrecks.  They put together a nicee collection of clips covering a mix of battle history, wrecks on the southern end of the atoll and plane wrecks of the northern end of the atoll.  I am told that it will also be available on VHS soon.  I highly recommend this video.




Underwater Kwajalein

Notes:  This is actually Scott Johnson’s site.  Scott has a great video covering many of the wrecks on the southern end of the atoll.  He also has several great videos on the critters found in the lagoon that are perhaps the best reference materials for this area that you can find.  Anything coming from Scott comes highly recommended!




Kwajalein Scuba Club

Notes:  Here’s the link to our local scuba club.  There’s a lot of info on diving here, products that the scuba club sells, contact information if you are coming here and wish to dive, etc.  There are also some wreck/dive site coordinates, but at this time I believe that it is a copy/mutation of an old list that I had that got passed around.  I suspect that any coordinates found on my site may be a bit more accurate/up-to-date.    





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